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Augmented reality sex sim for your Meta Quest 2/3/Pro passthrough!

(Oculus Quest 1 compatible but may have performance issues with busy scenes). 

Now fully updated with Meta Quest 3 and Quest Pro features! Also compatible with Quest 1 and 2.

  • Choose from 10 different partners (8 female, 2 male) and 30 poses/animations.
  • 5 levels of undress (fully clothed to fully nude!)
  • Up to 3 different partners in the same scene
  • Fully standalone, no PC required to run!*
  • Switch between tracked controllers or hand tracking
  • Interactive breast physics (with controllers or hand tracking)
  • Multiple lighting/passthrough colour and transparency settings
  • Monochrome Quest (1&2) and colour passthrough (Quest 3 & Pro) supported
  • 'Space Setup' support for full mixed reality, now including Quest 3 Room Scan!  
  • No subscriptions/locked features. One payment gives you access to everything, and free future updates!

This full version gives all the NSFW nudity and sex poses (for them to use on you, or each other!) that are not available in the free demo. 

*This game requires Developer Mode to be enabled on your Quest/Quest Pro to allow the .apk to be side-loaded.

Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
AuthorMeta XR Dev
TagsAdult, ar, Augmented Reality, Erotic, meta-quest, meta-quest-pro, mixed-reality, NSFW, Oculus Quest, Virtual Reality (VR)
Average sessionA few minutes


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Pass Thru Hot Sauce - Oculus Quest 1 Version (1.2.2) 380 MB
Pass Thru Hot Sauce - Meta Quest 2/3/Pro Version (1.3.9) 401 MB

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i want a refund

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Sorry the game isn’t working for you. Itch.io handle all payments, so if you apply to itch.io for a refund (email to support@itch.io),  I can ask them to authorize it.

nothing works

Have you tried restarting your Quest after installing? Sometimes things can go a bit weird the first launch after sideloading.

I absolutely love this, so great on the Quest 3.  Cant' wait for more models, poses, and interaction....amazing for 5.00

Excellent app.  I only have the Quest 2 ( so no good passthrough) but still surprisingly good.  Thanks for making it!

Great game!
I would recommend turning off the Quest guarding since it's not needed when using passthrough.

To do that you just add this to the android manifest:

<uses-feature android:name="com.oculus.feature.CONTEXTUAL_BOUNDARYLESS_APP" android:required="true" />

I downloaded the game to my Quest 3 and it runs fine. Scanning room is completed and I can see the models. But they do not move. I can add models (up to 3) but only thing I can do with them is change clothes. I can't move them or change pose. I can't change models and lighting as well. What am I doing wrong ?

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Hey ilkeraktuna!

I’ve noticed with a few apps on the Quest 3 that it seems to not register the controller properly on start up. Have you tried closing and re-opening the game?

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yes I tried it. What else ?

Btw, I can change clothes (right stick button)

That’s strange. It sounds like some kind of controller glitch. Maybe try restarting the headset and removing the controller batteries for a couple of minutes to reset them. Also, If you have any bluetooth gamepad paired, maybe try unpairing that and trying again.

after restart , it works fine.

Ah, great news!

Can i just download this for my pc? if yes, How? If not how do i get it for my quest 2? bc i cant quite understand and cant get it to work

Hey nbrmp!

This game doesn’t run on PC, but can be installed directly on your Quest 2 by sideloading. You download the Pass Thru Hot Sauce .apk file and can then use SideQuest to install it.

There are a few tutorials on YouTube on how to sideload apps to your Quest. Here’s one:


I finally made it work after 2 hours super annoying but cant wait to try the game. (The mistake was i wasnt using the advanced sidequest) Thank you for your help and nice job on the game!

Great! Good to hear it’s working now :)

Very cool, is there a way to slow the movement of characters into position. Just the slightest toggle throws it out of desired position... thanks

Hey Dijub!

I think maybe I’ve made the controls a bit too sensitive, I’ll make sure to correct this in the next update.

Thanks for your support!

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my favorite sideload so far

please how do i do room setup, and make the guy hard?

is there a full tutorial bc the in game instruction dont show either of these?


To make the guys hard, it’s an extra ‘undress’ level after you have stripped them naked. Just press the undress button again.

The room setup (adding walls and furniture) is done using the ‘Room setup’ feature in the Quest system settings. But the latest Meta updates seem to have broken this feature for some people. I’m working on getting that working again in the next update, but it still might work for you.

There are a few features that I guess haven’t been made obvious. I’ll put up a full explanation of controls up once my next update lands. I’m busy getting some Quest 3 features in there next!

Thanks for your support!

When will the quest 3 color passthrough features come out

Hey Trav1S!

Color passthrough should already work for Quest 3 (same as for Quest Pro). I need to make some changes to get the automatic room setup to work on Quest 3 which should happen within a couple of weeks, I need to get my Quest 3 first!

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Greetings dev. Are you interested in continued progress utilizing the features of the Quest 3? The depth sensor could create new possibilities, not to mention the quality pass through. Thanks for your efforts, this software is very high quality.

Hey Vyler!

Absolutely! I’ll be getting a Quest 3 on day one, and making sure that the new passthrough features are in there ASAP.

Meta haven’t released any details yet on how to implement the Quest 3 depth sensor yet, but I’m planning for an update as soon as I know what needs to be done.

Thanks for the support!

Where i can download demo? Hand tracking available in demo?


Hey Amessiah!

Yes,  hand tracking is in the demo :)

You can get it here:


so has this thing been abandoned?

Hey Roboticeye1!

I’m trying to get more physics/interactions in there, plus I’m playing around with a posing system.

The new features are all a bit too janky right now to release an update. But I’m working on it!

hey Roboticeye1,

You  have had a pretty decent game since the beginning. I’ve been following its progression. 
You have something special here that I feel like you could do a lot more with! 

Any idea on an updated release soon? 



Hey John!

Thanks! I’ve been working on a few things for Pass Thru Hot Sauce recently. 

I took up quite a lot of time trying to port this game over to the Pico 4, which I’ve had to put on hold for now, because I’m finding developing AR passthrough way too problematic on the Pico.

Also I have been trying to get more interactions with the model in to the game. I’ve got more work to do with this to make the physics less buggy.

So there’s not much on the update from arriving imminently (a house move is also keeping me away from dev work right now) , but I’m hoping to get another update out soon. I definitely want a refresh out in time for Quest 3 launch :)

Thanks for your support!

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If we purchased how do you update? How do you get the updated file?

Hey mjstorms,

If you purchased through your itch.io account, you should be able to just go to the Pass Thru Hot Sauce store page and download the app from there (it’s always the latest version from the store page).

If you weren’t logged in when you purchased it, the email link you had from itch.io when you first bought the game should allow you to download the current version.

I seriously need help, I really don't get how to open this up  and running on  quest 2? I have a android probably not good one but it's not a garbage phone. I payed for the PTHS , Then it's like I have to go to sidequest ,I don't even see it there,then they go a code was sent to my Gmail account. How do I transfer it from email to sidequest on Android phone.? I have a windows 10 home computer with like 4 gigs of RAM.i go to downloads on quest 2 a they don't open...aaahhh. please help me !!! 

Hey Hillbillys!

Sorry you’re having problems. I would say it’s easiest to use your PC to install the app rather than do it by Android.

First of all, the Quest needs to be in developer mode (if it’s not, you can google how to set up developer mode on Quest)

Download the PTHS .apk file (you should have a link in the email from when you purchased the game) to your PC. 

Then go to the SideQuest webpage on your PC and download the SideQuest app for Windows.

Once you have SideQuest installed on your PC, connect your Quest up to the PC via USB and choose the ‘install apk’ option in the SideQuest tools, select the PTHS .apk file and it will install it to your Quest.

Then you can run the app from the ‘Unknown Sources’ menu in the Quest.

I hope this helps!

this app is great fun

Adding a new review for the colour pro version... WOW. I'm still on a Quest 2 but this colour version is awesome even on the Q2.  Having a virtual person on the bed that you can walk around and look around is just crazy fun. Add a fleshlight between some cushions in just the right place and you'll have more fun than you expect!

This is worth way more than the original price.

Future hopes: 

- Additional pose, lying on her front

- Ragdoll interaction. It would be awesome to move limbs around

- A little more skinning of the A-hole

- I'm sure there was a mention of virtual hands, but I haven't see this yet. Might be something I'm not doing right?

- The darker skin models would benefit from a hint of pink between the lips to make it pop

Hey ee0u30eb!

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll look at what I can include in the next update :)

For the hand tracking, it should work automatically if you set down your controllers and let hand tracking kick in. You just need to make sure the Quest is set to automatically switch to hand tracking in the Quest settings menu.

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Hi, if i buy it right now will i get future updates when they will come?

And also i have question about hand tracking, is it possible right now or it will be in the future?

Hey Ollstar!

Yes, updates are always free for anyone who purchases the full version, regardless of when they buy it.

I don’t really have a timetable for updates. There were 10 updates released in the past year (as it was still early in development), there probably wont be as many updates this year, but I’ll be gradually adding fixes/features.

Hand tracking is included now, but it only visually tracks hands. Scene changes are all still made using controllers.


got this for my quest 2, but upgraded to Pico4, is a build coming for it?


Hey Wolfman!

Hopefully in the future, but at the moment I don’t have a Pico to test with.

I’m working on making the app run entirely without any Oculus tools to make it universally compatible, but it will take a while!

ill happily buy this again when its on Pico 😁😁

Will there ever be full color models and have them be interactive? Kinda like Vr Hots new passthrough?

Hey! I actually have a Quest Pro version with color passthrough/models 99% ready. (it would also work with Quest 2 just with gray passthrough) I just don’t have a headset to test it with at the moment. But hopefully soon!

Interactive models is something I’ve been trying out, but I have a lot of work to do to get that working well, so that’s some way off yet.

Hey just to jump on this. Love the app, think its awesome 

With the quest 2 version, will it be gray passthrough with colour/solid model?? I think that would make it more immersive

Hey Trenno!

Thanks! Yes, the Pro version will be colour models with grey passthrough when run on Quest 2.

I hadn’t considered that some people might want that. I’ll put a beta download of the Pro version up in a few days, that way it will be available for Quest 2 users who want colour models too.

Thanks for the feedback!

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honestly it's incredible how much you thought about everything, it's really the first time I download a game on this kind of site or I'm not disappointed, very well done, it lacks only the tracking of the hands and some models more / more detailed to make us addicted

Love the game, some incorporation of hand tracking would be nice though, moving the models or scrolling though options and such without a controller would go a long way; especially in this sort of medium.

Hey Shark14127! Thanks, I’ve been trying some different ways of incorporating hand tracking for a while, at the moment I find the Oculus system gestures (recentre/menu) get lots of false positives which makes for a pretty poor experience. 

Hopefully I’ll find a way to get a nicer experience with hand tracking soon!

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It looks cool) but i cant pay for it because of problems with russian banks now (i am from Russia). Are there any another ways to pay for it? (maybe, crypto?..)

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Hey Hellblazer65! I don’t have a way to accept crypto at the moment, but if you drop me a message at MetaXRdev@gmail.com I’ll send you a download key.

After buying the game tells me to download this again for an update but when I do I get the same message. What do I do?


Hey! Sorry, looks like something went wrong with my authentication code. Please download again, this time it should work!


Really loving this. Only issue so far is the weird shape of the ass when bent over and the a-hole itself. Can't wait to see how this progresses!

Really cool! looking for more Quest native experiences. Interesting experiment for  AR

What a surprising variety. Not the best models, and I'd love to see full opacity, but still good enough to be sexy and amazing just because AR!

Thanks Peloquin!

I’m working on a few more animations and skins for the next update. I’ll see if I can get fully opaque transparency setting worked in while I’m at it, as a few folks have asked for this :)

Great job on the multiple models at once.